Our Story



In the beginning

Joyza began in 2020 as "AWM Balloon Bar" by Vivian Knox. Our name has changed, but our mission has remained the same. We believe when you seek Joy with all your heart, you will find Joy. We're on a mission to help you find joy, every day. When joy seeking is habitual, then loving people becomes natural.

Meet Viv

Viv believes balloons are awesome, but true and lasting JOY is found in God's presence.

Viv is the daughter of two immigrants, wife to a loving husband, mother to a son and daughter, and fur mama. She's passionate about community over competition, and believes all mothers are "working moms".

Joyza™ is proud to be a Latina and Woman Owned business in Fort Worth, TX

Podcaster | Balloon Maker | Joy Expert

Always Working Mom

Seek Joy, Find Joy.

Learn more about how Joyza™ gives back to the community with our Spread Joy program.

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Meet Our Party Pup, Moana!