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Installation: 12.9.22 @2pm Kati H.

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Corporate Holiday Installation

  • 4- 8ft indoor columns, framing 2 sets of double doors
  • Grand Ballroom Salon D
  • Latex colors: white, gold, red, and evergreen
  • Mylar Add-ons per each column: 2 gold starbursts, 1 candy cane, 3 red peppermints
  • Client: Kati will tear-down and deliver 4 8ft columns and bases to Joyza

What to expect:

  • Installation will take about 60minutes (depends on scope of project)
  • Please have the area we are installing clear and accessible
  • You will receive a text/email the day of installation with notification when our team is on the way
  • Garlands are hung on walls or spaces with 3M Hooks (unless if you rented a prop or stand with your installation)
  • You are responsible for popping or tearing down the balloon decoration after the event (unless you have hired us for a tear-down)
  • *If poles are returned broken, a replacement fee will be charge to the account. Replacement fee is subject to change based on equipment rented and based on equipment costs. 




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