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Custom Outdoor Installation 6.25.22 @8am

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Party Starts at 11am, Ends at 2pm. Installation at 8am, and Tear-down between 8-9pm

1. 18ft garland behind pool $270
2. Gold Arch Stand Rental (with outdoor weights) $50
3. Flamingo (2) add-on $20
4. Gold no.2 foil balloon $10
5. Dark Green Palm Branches Rental $35 (in both garlands)
6. 10' garland on brick wall under patio $150
7. Installation Fee $145
Total: $680
8. colors: hot pink, light pink, teal and green "tropical theme"

If you need us to come back and "tear-down" (pop and trash the balloons) then let me know. Otherwise, we just need the balloons removed from the gold stand, and the palm leaves back and we will come back 24hrs later to pick them up

Custom Installations:

What to expect:

  • Installation will take about 60minutes (depends on scope of project)
  • Please have the area we are installing clear and accessible
  • You will receive a text/email the day of installation with notification when our team is on the way
  • Garlands are hung on walls or spaces with 3M Hooks (unless if you rented a prop or stand with your installation)
  • You are responsible for popping or tearing down the balloon decoration after the event (unless you have hired us for a tear-down), $75 tear-down fee


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